Thursday, 8 April 2010

You've come a long; 74.4 kg to in the 50's! OH Yeah!

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I actually started this blog to help me get some motivation and loose those last few nagging kilograms. Thinking back to December/ January of 2008 when I was at my biggest (I don't know actually how much I weighed it could have been more; my doctor weighed me in January at 74.4kg.)  I knew my weight had gone up, I knew I was not happy. My doctor told me you need to loose weight. So initially I just cut down portions. I lost over 10kg.  

I wasn't loosing any more weight even though I was exercising and eating less, My sister in Law was having a wedding in October and this was my goal to be at 50kg by then! I decided to go to Tony Ferguson. I knew in order to be healthy I'd have to learn to like vegetables and this was one way to do it. So on 22nd July 2008 I began a new way of life. Shakes and vegetables no carbs and limited sugar. If I wanted a wine I had to give up a piece of fruit. I lived on this diet being so strict for 9 months. In November 2008, I got to goal. I was onto maintenance and the re-introduction of carbs. I put back on 7.5kg. Enough was enough.  
My doctor had originally recommended that I try weight watchers, I finally stopped being stubborn and almost a year to the date (16 July 2009) I started my weightloss journey again.  I look back over the last 39 weeks of weight watchers and I have come a long way. I learnt new recipes, made new friends, learnt to love salad and other so called -icky vegetables. I have tried prawns, bugs, asparagus, eggplant, scallops, tomato, oysters and love all but the oysters. From a girl who ate few vegetables and lived on meat and carbs, hated exercise; I surely have changed not just aesthetically but really changed. I am more confident, self aware, healthy and true to myself. I am accountable for my life and I tend to stay this way.


  1. Well done well done well done!

  2. excellent achievements :) . I have just found your blog via Brendas McLinky (flogyoblog friday) and am inspired and a new follower :)

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I am*trying* to lose some weight myself and you have inspired me to go back to losing the flab. Thank you!

    PS. Thanks for the follow and linky love.=)


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