Thursday, 31 March 2011

no computer

My computer has gone kaput, so I
am working off my iPhone for everything. So for the near future I will not be blogging. it is far easier to blog on my pc. Stay tuned for news from me in about a weeks time.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Office Politics

What is it with office politics?
I hate playing games and this is one game I am not participating in anymore!

My Head of Department (for Information Technology) is bullying me and I finally am over it and reported it. This has been going on since I got to the school in 2006. On Wednesday he yelled at me and carried on over me trying to be fair to everyone who was rostered on to do sport. I needed time to mark as the last 3 sports days I had been with the students all day and lose my lesson for preparation. We all agreed to do the arrangement in the morning. My boss was still sitting at his desk after morning tea and I reminded him that he was on all day as last sport day he had time off. This is when he swore and was rude to me. I came in yesterday morning to hear him in the adjacent room bitching to the Art staff about me.

So I went to the Principal and said that I'd had enough of him being rude, not assisting me in my subject with discipline and making it hard for me to do anything curriculum related to try and advance my career. I have a few decisions to make depending on what happens in the next few weeks. I am not happy with that part of work at them moment but everything else at work is going well.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fat to Fit - weight training


If you want to lose weight and change the way your body looks then one of the best things you can do is lift weights. It helps reduce excess skin, strenghtens bones, helps raise your metabolism which in turn helps you build muscle which burn more calories then fat (which stores it). Weight training can make you stronger and increase muscular endurance which helps you avoid injuries. So start doing strenght and weight training today as it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem and will improve coordination and balance. Mix it in with cardio (interval training).  

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about weight training. 
Myth: Weight Training equals Bulky body
Fact : To build a firm, tones body you must train with weights.
You will not look like a body builder if you do weight training. They have excess testosterone in their body which makes up the muscle fibres and makes them appear bulky.  

Myth: Machine Weights are for women and free weights for men
Fact: If you want to look lean sexy and hard then free weight exercises are far better. This does not mean you should not do machine exercises though but rather make free weights with dumbbells and bars as first priority especially if you are prone to injury. 
There are now many classes that do free weights. If you don't attend a gym like me then you might want to purchase a few hand weights in varying weights to do exercises with.  

You should do weight training at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes. Start slow and work your way up to harder exercises. There are many DVD's out there that specialise in weight training. Many magazines also have free workouts on them that have weight training components too.   If you don't have weights then there are exercises you can do with your body weight. I like to use exercises from Jillian Michaels DVDs and

What are you weighting for? Pick up some weights and start training TODAY!
What I have done this last week:
  • Eating more vegetables in dinner and lunches
  • 8000 - 9000 steps + daily 
  • eating 6 meals a day instead of 3.
  • eating more fruit instead of processed foods. 
  • drank more water 
  • Track daily 
  • ate more protein at lunch 
  • went to the doctor to check out about my trouble breathing and pains in the abdomen.
  • Had chest xray and will be having a blood test this afternoon.  I go back to my doctor in two weeks time.

  • Plan weekly meals
  • Eat more salad for lunch instead of carbs
  • Eat all allocated ProPoints, try not to use Weekly Allocated ProPoints.
  • Eat more super foods 
  • Get back into exercise routine 
  • take ventilan twice a day
  • go for a ride and run to see if it has improved breathing

  • Eat less exercise more
  • Plan all meals 
  • watch portions
  • Make smart food choices
  • add more superfoods to diet
  • include protein at lunch
  • have 6 meals a day
Pedometer readings and exercise for the week:

My Workout Lifestyle You 30 mins

NIL workout
cleaned the house

NIL workout
worked on renovations

My Workout Lifestyle You 30 mins

My Workout Lifestyle You 30 mins

My Workout Lifestyle You 30 mins

My Workout Lifestyle You 30 mins

Measurements (to be done later today)
Waist: --cm (at smallest part) 
Hips: --cm (on hip bone)
Bust: --cm 
Arms: Right --cm  Left --cm
Thighs: Right --cm  Left --cm 
Weight: -- kg -

How is your fitness routine and diet going?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Monday, 21 March 2011

Point and shoot

Weekend renovations and Mr Possum.

 I found a website called searched out house and found photos of our house in 2010 before renovations and January 2011. You can see how we have nearly doubled the house size.

The door finally getting installed - it has only taken us 2 years to get this (it was originally Greg's 27th birthday gift!)
my new front door completed and waiting for EPS foam to be installed.
the door view from inside

Mr Possum
 As the boys were ripping off some gyprock they found a possum in the wall cavity. As you can see he is not small. He had some sort of problem with his face and eyes and with fur missing and puss and sores on his face and arms. He looked to be in a bad way. So now I have found out why my dog Sledge was licking the bricks and trying to chew the new window surrounds next to the kitchen.  We finally cornered him and put a laundry basket over him and called RSPCA who took forever to rescue him/her. He used to live in one the bottle brush trees we cut down.

We rang RSPCA who sent out an ambulance to pick him up and get him treated so he can be released back into the reserve behind us. 

We put a laundry basket with a brick on it and a towel around him so it wouldn't be too distressed.
The cavity where he was hiding / or was trapped.
I seem to think it is the same possum in the tree that I snapped last year.
Hopefully soon he will be returned to go back playing in the bottle brushes in the bushland behind us.

I'd like to thank Gold Coast RSPCA and the two brave volunteers who rescued poor Mr Possum. They do a brilliant job!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

House Inspiration

Today is all about the inspiration for finishing our house. We have a fair way to go. Our roof just got  pointed and now we are waiting to get it painted. The inside needs ceilings and walls gyprocked. Once we are finished that its time for other trades. I need to move out our entire house of stuff to my mother in-laws house. I think there will be quite a few things thrown out. 

 Dressing table area


 Bathroom tile inspiration

Master Bedroom


I love the storage and look of this one
I love the shoe cubbys
true style and organisation chic
love the pant hanger
isn't this wardrobe to die for, a bit clinical for my liking but I love the ideas here
Love the shoe shelves and the jewellery area, actually I'll just have it all! This is the one I want!!!

I love how uncluttered this is. Very chic.
I love the shelving and the clear desktop
We will have a U shape area for our study so these shelves are great
I love the under table shelving, the inspiration boards and the shelf above the desk
isn't his study area organisation to die for!

stacked stone feature for at the front door area




 Items on my shopping wish list

 Accessories on sale at Target

Sadly I'm not purchasing any of these at his price as we have no where to store it yet!