Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ANZAC Weekend Madness

I have been so busy this weekend it wasn't funny. I got lots of exercise in, some gardening, sewing (my new hobby), some eating and drinking (probably too much for my liking) and time for family. 

Friday Night we had a DECK warming party with the in-laws which we ate copious amounts of Thai food and a bottle or two of wine. 
Saturday I cleaned the house and began sewing, I finished my new bag at 6:20pm; just in time for another DECK party. This time there was pizza from our favourite local pizza place DiPino's. There Pizzas are AMAZING! I should have gotten photos on the deck as you can see Surfers Paradise all lit up and the blue flooring lights really make it a pretty sight. 

Sunday Morning up early for a road ride out the back of Canungra. The mountains surrounding where we were riding were still shrouded in cloud cover (sort of a respect for the diggers that the sun didn't come out until after 9am) it was a beautiful sight. I wish I had taken a photo but I was riding at 20-40km/hour.

Monday, Greg and I had a well deserved sleep in, we then did some housework and gardening and chilled until 3pm where we went for a ride in the state forest. It was harder than usual but there was some fun bits. Dinner at Mum's was the usual stuff, pasta and chicken Moroccan and tiny amount of vegies.

I wish there was more weekend and less working week. Oh well at least next weekend is another long weekend!

100 steps Challenge

For those who have followed my blog for sometime will remember I was doing a 100 Step Challenge with Linda over at I'm Just Linda. We are re-starting the challenge and you are welcome to join in. 

The Challenge: 

1. We take a photo that represents one of the small steps we have made towards health (physical or mental) and/or fitness each day of the week.
2. We post all seven of the previous week's photos on Monday.
3. We can choose to elaborate on the photographs, or let them do the talking for themselves.
4. We don't need to post a different photo every single day of the challenge... perhaps part of our new lifestyle is to go to an exercise class once a week - there's no reason why we can't post a photo of going to that same class every week.
5. In 100 days, we're going to get together and celebrate our achievements.
6. We reserve the right to amend the rules if need be (just in case) - but if we do, we'll let you know.


My new sewing machine - very basic but it does what I need it to do.

This week I am also being featured on Blog This as part of their New Member Monday. You can read all about it here.

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Have a good day!

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