Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday- A day for me

Today is a day for me to do what I want. This morning I had a 9am appointment at my hairdresser. I went a little blonder this time. I have a chocolate colour underneath for nearly 2 years now - I needed a change so she is gradually lightening it by putting in some blonde highlights. I feel great; a nice reward for getting to goal weight. In 2 weeks (Week 4 22-04-2010) I will have achieved lifetime with Weight Watchers.


The scales this morning. After all the food I have eaten and lack of exercise I am really surprised at this.

This morning I got back into routine and did "My Workout" on Lifestyle You. Who knew a plea' was such a hard thing to do constantly.


I love how it ends in a Yoga cool down (I'm hopeless at yoga but at least I'm stretching down)

My bagel with raspberry jam and a cup of coffee (multivitamins on the side)


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  1. Adalita! Look at your hair!! It's SO pretty!!! Out of all the colours I really wish I could be a blonde, it looks wonderful this colour!!! :)


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