Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What's happening Wednesday

What's happening on my Wednesday you may ask.
Well I am at school, enjoying a spare lesson.
This morning I did a dance workout on My Workout on Lifestyle You, it was tricky and I missed a number of steps due to my unco-ness.  
I have a supervision class lesson 2 & a meeting with the other English Communication Teacher. I then have 11 Information and Technology Certificate II. Lastly my get active class (PE) where we are watching a video. A pretty chilled out today. I hope to get out for a run this afternoon, weather pending. If not I will do a DVD again! I was supposed to use the slow cooker for dinner, I will do that when I get home. Dinner might be later than usual.

A novel I am reading
My fortune

School is providing Morning Tea on Thursday for all the staff; so I need to be careful and take maybe a yoghurt of my own to stop me from nibbling. 

What Blogging has given me

I'm just Linda asked me: 
"What you get from blogging or what you get from reading other people's blogs?"

I enjoy reading about other people's experiences and it helps me sort out things in my own life. It gives me motivation, pleasure and a sense of belonging.

In my own blogging it is a way to get out my thoughts and ideas and get feedback from others.
I have always kept a diary, mostly just random thoughts and images. I currently am using a gratitude book to write all the people and things I am grateful for. I still have my teenage diary, filled with movie tickets and mementos as well as a few diary comments. (I had a nosy sister so it contains nothing too personal)
I started this blog as a way to document my weightloss journey. It is becoming more than that now. Even though I have a small group of people who read my blog I still feel the need to get my thoughts out even if no one reads it.

Thanks to Linda for putting the question out there it has made me look within more to get to why we have that need or desire to be heard. 

What has blogging given you?

Point and shoot -4wd & Downhill MTB adventure @ Lismore

This Sunday I took my partner Greg and his mate Nick to Lismore for some Downhill Mountain Biking. Here are some photos. They aren't very good as I am still learning how to use my SLR camera.

This one was taken on my iPhone (it's my favourite).



I was playing with settings these came out a bit blurry.






Added to Chantelle {fat mum Slim} Point and Shoot

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Super Saturday

I was up early this morning (before 6:30am) as my partner is across the road still building his parents deck.
I have done a workout on LifestyleYOU and began cleaning. Still to do: hangout washing, vacuum, tidy up, plan weekly meals and grocery shop.

My weigh in on Thursday evening. My points adjusted and I lost 700g. 

Last night I went through my new Weight watcher's cook fast cookbook and tagged all the recipes I would like to make. 

For breakfast I tried the strawberry french toast Sandwich (page 10) 4 1/2 points, I used mixed berries instead. I slightly burnt it but it still tasted so good.

Hopefully today I can sit down and read my women's health magazine
I went with my brother in law op shopping yesterday afternoon and found this gorgeous dress by Lili it was only $30.

The dress has gold flecks all over throughout the pattern. 

Have a great weekend may post more later or tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Adalita's Point and Shoot - Hen's

I have joined in on Chantelle Fat Mum Slim's Point and Shoot.

I totally forgot to post my point and shoot on Monday! How forgetful of me! One of the blogs I read fat mum slim each week does a point and shoot of something during that week.
I did shoot a couple of photos at the Hen's on the weekend some were not that great; especially considering it was on my iPhone.  

Here is my first "Point and Shoot": 

Tidar and I at my friend Riana's Hen's (Flapper Style) on Saturday night. 
Before the punch kicked in.

My sister in law Kirsty and Tidar

One of the girls doing a jello shot from his peck.
If you saw what went into that punch you wouldn't be surprised. 

More photos but I didn't take these.

Exercise Addict

As I am tiny at only 155cm tall, I need to exercise because any extra weight gain really shows on me. A kg = the difference between a size 8 and a 10. I do mainly cardio with some strength training mixed in usually my own body weight. I still can't manage to do push ups I can do between 10 -15 then I'm just cactus. I will keep trying though.

I now know how much exercise I need to do to maintain and it's almost as much as when I was losing weight if not more.  I'm now at 18 points and I usually eat all those points or close to it. I save the majority of my exercise points for later in the week (Thursday or Friday drinks). I was eating at 21 points earlier in the year and sometimes struggle to eat those 18 points now (unless its dinner out).

I enjoy treats and prefer to work my butt off for half an hour or more. It's a win-win situation- I get the adrenaline rush of working out and I get the wine and or cheese!"

So to some people it may seem excessive to be doing an hour of cardio/strength training plus a run each day but that's just what I need to do to keep those nasty kg at bay. I have learnt to love exercise from someone who absolutely hated it. When I was at school I failed HPE, because I hated and avoided all but the cross country and running events at the athletics carnival.

This is just what I now have to do, so I don't undo all the hard work.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Not sure about today, not feeling the usual Monday groove. I found out that in Nerang the suburb I work in has an ecoli outbreak in it's watersystem (only found out today it was on the news and every newspaper)
so I'm not drinking the tap water at work.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Fast Friday

I can't believe a week has almost gone since I last posted.
I might have a play with my blog on the weekend and pretty it up. I need a change.
Last night was my 3rd week of maintenance. I put 1kg on but am still well within my HWR and goal area. I was playing with my points and went from 18 to 20. This week I'm back down to 18 and I think I will be at 18 or 19 overall.

I've made a few things from my WW magazine and the online recipes this week. My meal planner is going well and helping my budget. I wanted to refinance my loan but my bank wouldn't allow me to so I went to another bank and got a new loan which was almost $100 cheaper and paid it yesterday afternoon. It feels good. Now I just need to pay my partner and parents the money I borrowed a few weeks ago when everything hit the fan. I now know of the importance of managing finances and will be more accountable. I mean its not just me now, there are other people who rely on me and my money.

Tomoorw afternoon one my friends is having a Hen's party with a flapper theme. I am wering a dress I haven't fitted into for 9 years. I have no idea why I kept it but I am glad I did. There are a few more curves on my body then there was then, but to tell the truth I'm happy about that. At least people aren't saying I'm anorexic anymore.

 This is the last time I wore that dress at my Arts Degree Graduation in 2002.

Last night at my WW meeting I won the weekly raffle $40. I got the new Cook Fast cookbook, the Let's get moving DVD and a packet of toffee bars.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Super Saturday

Morning all. 
51.1kg this morning, not happy. Oh well. 

Today is my weekly cleaning day. This morning have to clean the house, plan weekly meals, mop the floor, clean the bathroom, wash the clothes and fold 4 baskets of washing; Go grocery shopping and maybe find time to do a workout.

I finally found the McWilliam's Sav Blanc WW 1 point per glass 

My weekly meal planner and the Pad Thai I'm going to have for dinner.

My closets.

Presents from Christina's trip on Queen Mary 2 from Samoa and Hawaii. 

 Pad Thai Homestyle

Well I didn't end up doing a workout; I went to and Airbonne Party. A Swiss Cosmetic company (I have already been to one last year there stuff is great but so pricey)  

Made my Pad Thai for Greg, his Dad Russell and his best mate Nick, was nice the boys gobbled it up after a long day working on the deck at my in-laws. Yesterday my partner reversed his ute from our driveway across the road to his parents pace as 10m was too far to walk to get his tools.  Boys!

NOTE: 2 glasses of low carb wine still has the same effect (drunk wise) just not as nice now I have 1 1/2 bottles to drink. I'd rather have the nicer wine with the extra points.  The low carb beer (Pure Blonde) on the other hand is great!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Motivation madness

What is your motivation? What keeps you motivated? How do you get it back when it lost?

What motivates you?
  • Tracking
  • Exercising
  • Positive affirmations
  • Don't want to give up
  • Competition
  • To prove people wrong
  • Goals

How do I stay motivated?
  • exercise (6:20am 100 squats and sit-ups program on iphone) 7:30-8:00am My Workout Lifestyle You Channel, 9am-3pm I rely on my pedometer at work while I walk around the classroom and school, 3:30pm Gym C25k 5km run, stair climber 10 minutes, rowing 10 minutes, low intervals on the treadmill)
  •  track (I track everything, food, alcohol, sneaky snacks and weight loss / measurements)
  •  blog
  • other peoples success stories
  • weight watchers message board
  • feeling healthy
  • clothes that no longer fit or fit better or that I haven't worn since 1999.
  • read magazines (for ideas and inspiration)
  • think what it has taken me to get here (2008-2010) the money, personal training and pain.
  • Read The Gabriel Method and use the Visualisation CD. One relaxed you repeat one of the following Power phrases. Emotional Obesity: "Safe I am safe, Thin is safe, Life is safe, I feel safe." Mental Obesity: "Effortless weight loss, weight loss is easy, my body wants to be thin, excess weight melts off my body, I am naturally thin, I am effortlessly thin". You may think to yourself that it is silly at first, (I even burst out laughing when I heard the Cd at first) but it does work. A lot of our weight loss problems are in our subconscious and we need to change those thought patterns and automated actions. 
 My monthly magazine subscriptions- Weight Watchers, Notebook, Real Living, Women's Health and Home Beautiful.
One of my belts that now fits, I bought it thinking Oh yeah it would fit without trying it.

My 10% weight loss charm for my keyring which is on back order 
Vanessa said most WW Meetings have run out of the keyrings.

So for this week stay positive and keep motivated.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The things people say!

I know my starting weight is many peoples goal weight. I haven't let the "Oh, you don't need to loose weight", "Oh you're already so thin!", "Why do you have to loose weight? You're already so small!" comments stop me from getting to my goal. I tell therm you don't see me naked and I feel happy that I'm this way! 

I've always been a tiny person so it was hard to see myself as FAT/ Overweight. Growing up I was called Skinny Minnie, people always tried to give me more food but as I was born at 26 weeks at 680g, I never was a big eater. Part of it came that my Mum only gave me the basics 3 vege and meat for my dinner meal. I never really learnt to like vegetables. During Highschool I was the smallest and lightest at school around 45-50kg. When I began at Uni I put on a few kg and everyone said that it was good and I no longer looked anorexic. Once I moved in with my prtner I put on a staggering 20+kg. Until I realised I had ballooned to 74.4kg, I was disgusted as I was always so tiny. In 2008  I began Tony Ferguson. I wanted something where I'd have to learn to eat vegetables and it worked. I used to rely on meat and carbs as the main part of my diet until age 28. Scary hey! Who knows what damage it has done to my body. I know for sure when I have kids they will eat lots of vegies and learn to love them. I also have learnt to love exercise and I feel lethargic, grumpy and unhappy if I don't exercise. 

 At age 17 (I'm wearing kids size clothes)

At age 21

The three photos that triggered my weightloss

 So now I am at goal and begining maintanence and its about me not what people say. It's often hard to turn off that switch and make a response. I just say thanks, I'm happy now!

The last photo I had taken which is near goal.

I'm taking some me time tonight and sitting down with a few of my subscription magazines and chilling for an hour or so as were eating left over pasta! YUM!

Fiscal Finances and other fiascos

Trying to re-jig my finances so I can afford to renovate our house. So it is budget time. I need to become an obsessive tight-a$$.So a few thing had to go like my gym membership which I will miss, but I found that I can do a workout on TV before I go to work, a run of an afternoon and maybe a pilates DVD. 

I forgot to post this on the weekend. here is my fishing picture. Of my beautiful pink rod and my somewhat damaged lure from the stupid toad fish I caught about a month ago. I was fishing at Gilston Latmier's Crossing which is abnormally swollen. I didn't catch a thing either.

Have a skinny day!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

10% & GOAL

Tonight I reached my 10% Goal 51.7kg but I also upped my goal before I weighed in to 52kg. So I am also at GOAL too. (I know its cheating but I can only go under my original goal of 50kg by 2kg on maintenance and that's the bottom of my healthy weight range, if I get ill I could accidentally go under that and loose WW) 

I sat for 10 minutes watching the stars fly over and around once I put my weight in. I though about how much of a struggle it has been and how grateful I am to have such great support in my friends & family. 



Vanessa ran out of Key rings so I get that next week. She also forgot to let everyone know which I am okay about too. I really didn't want a fuss.But YAY! My partner has bet me double my WW payments to get to Lifetime in 6 weeks. Game on!