Monday, 31 May 2010

100 steps Challenge

I totally forgot to participate last week. Oopsie! 

This week is just a few piccies with not much to report!

  Slow cooker sausage hot pot

Penne Alla Vodka


I swear the food this week was awesome, full of tonnes of lovely vegetables all meals were complimented by my partner and the in-laws who popped over for a chat whilst I was cooking. I wish I got a photo of the beautiful chilli-con-carne I cooked last night. I added capsicum, onion and mushrooms to the dish; substituted the salsa for a can of tomatoes and added a few tablespoons of tomato paste. It was so yummo!

This week I started back into my workouts and am feeling great.

1. Chin Ups 0 (don’t have chin up bar)
2. Prisoner Jump Squats 41
3. Mountain Climber 68
4. Clapping Push Ups 4 (I struggle at normal push ups so this was a challenge)
5. Jump Lunges 30
6. Bicycle 42
7. Dips 30 (off a bench as I don’t have a dip station)
8. Forward Lunge Jump Up/ Backward Lunge Jump Up (as one exercise on one leg) 18
9. Forward Lunge Jump Up/ Backward Lunge Jump Up (on the other leg) 16
10. Side Crunch – left 15
11. Side Crunch – right 20
12. Burpees 10

 I hope you are trying to keep warm where you are.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Renovation Ramble

I am so pumped to renovate our house. We bought the house knowing we would renovate it has nearly been four years since we bought the house (1st August we moved in). My partner works in construction industry as a carpenter/ site foreman for a small company which builds multi-million dollar mansions. Of late they have renovated small homes into million dollar homes. My partner has good and expensive tastes. He is a perfectionist and pretty tidy (though our house says otherwise).

Here is our current house plans:

Here is our draft plans that my partner made:

One of Greg's workmates is doing our plans. We should hear about them at the end of this week or next week. Ahhh so excited!

Here is some of Dan's designs that have won awards in the Queensland Building Design  Awards from 2006-2009.

My partner has worked on all these houses; from frame to handover.  The finishing quality is perfect. The house in the bottom picture has the most beautiful timber flooring and pool area. It sold for 1.8 million.

The quality of my Partner's Boss' Company is phenomenal, I have been though almost all of the homes he has worked on and if that is any indication of the quality our home will be beautiful..

Thursday, 27 May 2010

WIDTH - Why I do this here

I am joining JackSh*t, GettingFit, in WIDTH.

 So, Why I Do This Here?

I don't want to be fat I want to be thin like I was as a teenager. Now I do realise that I have a different body then I did as a teen I am now a woman. I realise that the figures (number on the scales) does not nearly equate to the mere 40 something Kilograms I was at 18. I also needed to loose the bulge, looking back at the photos I was big for me. I always thought I was FAT not OBESE (that's what my BMI of then said 30.9), It's amazing how your perception is. I thought "oh its only a few kg's nothing to worry about", (exactly like the ad). I look back now and thing how did I go from being 40 something kg as a teen to a 74.4kg 27 year old.

The thing is it was a kg here and before I knew it none of my clothes fit and I was pushing out of my size 12 clothes. It was after seeing my photo from a trip to Canada over winter that I realised I had got fat. 

 My mother-in-law, Father-in-law, me, my partner Greg, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law
in Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel Dec 2008. Where we stayed for Christmas.

I don't know why it was that photo in particular that led me to notice, there were many FAT photos before that. I suppose I was in denial. I wouldn't go back now. I now eat foods I never would have dreamt of - I can run 5km (even though I haven't officially finished C25K), I can see my toes in the shower (well with contacts of course) and many, many other benefits. 

Now I am focusing on maintaining my weight and toning my body. It is still a daily routine of eat that, I choose this, instead of pies and cakes, get off butt and exercise but that's what normal people do.

Here is my WIDTH card and adjoining photos. 
My best friend Candice and I in year 12                                     Me and  My sister-in-law in October 2008
My morph from being fat to thin, took 2 years of yo-yo-ing from 74.4kg to 50kg back up to 57.5kg back now to in the 50's.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday Wants

I've gone notebook mad! Items from madeit and ETSY

A5 Notebook by Chicken Ink @ MADE IT

Coloured Birds Noteboook hand bound by Paperton @ MADE IT

Pink and Cream Binder Set by Crown Bindery @ ETSY

This is a very cool tutorial to make a menu planner organiser also from LBG Studio @ blogspot

Other Stores: 
  I found soop design a while back and have been secretly coveting this store. 

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Post it note Tuesday

Today is post-it-note Tuesday 

Here my post-it

What's on your post-it-notes today?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Point and Shoot - Weekend Cross Coutry Mountain Bike Ride

Gap Creek Social Ride

Yesterday morning we drove up to Gap Creek Reserve at Mt Cootha Brisbane to join in on our local Mountain Bike Club's Social Ride.

It was really a lot of fun, I love a number of the trails. I really need to work on being able to lift my front tyre over obstacles then the track will flow a lot better.

My favourite track was Rocket Frog which is the trail we always finish on. It is flowy and has some awesome berms. I actually pushed myself down this trail to go faster and faster. I even accidentally jumped over a log. I even dreamt of this track last night. 

A great 3 hour ride.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A week of going NUDE

This last week I went Nude! Yes nude, that is without make up. For seven days I have only worn moisturiser, suncream and a clear lipgloss. This was to carry on after joining in with Jodie @mummy mayhem in Bloggers without makeup day. There was so many lovely comments on my blog after that day. This week I received many comments, some of which were positive and a few "oh you look a bit tired/ stressed". My skin feels better this week, but I still like the comfort and way I look with makeup. I might wear a little less day to day but I won't stop wearing it completely.

Here is my seven days of no makeup and lipglosses.

Friday 14th May

Nivea Caregloss & shine red

Saturday 15th May

Soft lips fruit fusion orange sunrise

Sunday 16th May

Mirenesse velvet lip in platinum

Monday 17th May

Mario de Liugi lip too non-transfer lipgloss in clear

Tuesday 18th May

Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer in clear

Wednesday 19th May

Palmer's Lip butter in Dark Chocolate and peppermint

Thursday 20th May


Friday 21st May

Estee Lauder Pure color gloss in clear

Saturday 22nd May

Nivea Caregloss in clear

After 7 days of not wearing make up I realised I do have dark circles under my eyes and that, that is the only thing that truly bothers me. Anyone know how to get rid of them or lessen their appearance without makeup or other unnecessary procedures.

Give the 7 day no makeup challenge a go!