Sunday, 18 April 2010

Nice to meet you...

Blog this Challenge 41 - shaking hands:
If you would like to participate then you can go here to Blog This.

This Blog this challenge asks us to go about an meet a new blogger, read their blog and review and comment.  

I browsed through the VERY long list and randomly clicked a blog: Mama loves to shop I was immediately intrigued when I saw the header. Even from just looking at the header I can tell that this blogger (Kathryn) is a Sex and the City fan, a mother and is someone who loves to shop.  

The first blog article I came across was Hey Mama, we need you! even though I am not a mama, mother or have any children (other than my students) I felt compelled to join in on a few of the tasks.
Well as it is the weekend I am going to do a Weekend Wishlist instead.

Marked down to $29.95

 Barkins {}

  • A Six Picks post - your favourite items from Australian or New Zealand Etsy sellers

Here are my SIX PICS from Etsy and Made it Sellers. 
No real explanation - I just happen to like the items.

If I were a young mother, I think I would find this blog very helpful. As a woman in her late 20's without kids, I do find that I'm at a bit of a loss when it come to things to buy for kids. I mean I have perfectly cute ideas for my best friends daughter but I suppose this will be one to bookmark for WHEN I do have kids of my own. I love the ideas and the consistency of this blog which would be great for busy Mums who only get a few spare moments once the kids are in bed and hubby is watching the TV. I think Kathryn has an inspiring blog for young mums. 

At the moment I'm one of those women who will ooh and ahh over your child then hand them straight back. My experience in childcare and teaching have turned me off having kids at the moment. Sure I want them in the future just not yet maybe in 3-5 years time. So this blog is safely bookmarked until then. 

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  1. I've had the kids and happily hand others' back to them, too lol.


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