Thursday, 15 April 2010


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I was supposed to go for a bike ride this afternoon; I haven't managed to go because for the past few hours I've been looking for my school keys which I thought I left at home this morning. I had a major panic attack when I realised that I have master keys to buildings and my school name tag attached, 4 USBs with assessment and school work on them. I went to the post office yesterday and to the shops I had them on in both places. I rang and both places hadn't seen them. I did take them off but couldn't remember where. I had thoughts where did it go?  I threw the rubbish out and it had been collected this morning. I looked in the car, in the fridge and freezer; all over. I was almost in full blown panic attack when I checked my handbag and school bag again. I pulled everything out and my handbag was still heavy. I checked one of the outside zips I never use and sure enough my keys were there. I swear they were yelling IDIOT! So I am all calm not and less stressed waiting for my 5:30pm weight watcher meeting. 

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What have you lost lately?

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