Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday Fitness

friday fitness

How did you go this week increasing your fitness and workout routines? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I have worked out almost every day since last week. I got a new DVD for Christmas so I have used that - Jillian Michaels is one tough PT even on DVD.

I gained 900g so I'm back up to were I was in the week leading up to Christmas. I hope to be back down next week. I really need to focus so I can look awesome in my wedding dress later in 2012.

So, Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you everything you want!

Inspiration for physical health: 
What I'm up to this coming week: Hopefully going to the movies (seeing Sherlock Holmes), shopping and celebrating our engagement with the family on Friday night!

Things to do this week:
  • Do things you haven't had time to do!
  • Write your inspiration list
  • Post your before photos
  • Find something that inspires you and post it.
  • Move more; Make “YOU” time by getting in more active activities than this week. It shouldn't be too hard to do this.
  • Try something new - it might be a new activity, food or something you've always wanted to try.
  • Make obtainable short term goals and stick to it.
  • Eat more vegetables and protein.
  • Consume less sugar 
  • Exercise more 
  • Don't let my motivation drop - keep motived and remember how hot you feel when you are happy and fit! 
  • Don't drink to much over the New Years Celebrations.
Photo inspiration:
Some photos to get me wedding ready

Get inspired to lose:

{image from GabrielMethod}

Sarah Wilson's Ebook - available now
Friday 22nd December
Measurements and weight:
Weight: 54.6kg (55.2kg at WW Meeting Thu PM)
bust: 88cm
hips: 87cm 
waist: 72.5cm -1.5cm
arms: L26cm R25cm
thighs:L53cm R53cm

Weekly Exercise:
Saturday - cleaning and workout
Sunday - Christmas Day
Monday - workout DVD
Tuesday - Jillian Michaels workout DVD and 5km walk with the dog
Wednesday - workout DVD 
Thursday - workout DVD 
Friday - workout DVD - kickboxing
Saturday -
Sunday -

Help inspire me to get back to 50kg. (I have 4kg to go)

How are you feeling this week? 
What do you have planned 2012?

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Polly Dolly V2 Week38 - Bali

Polly Dolly V2 Week 38 - Bali

Ball gown
£100 -

Quiksilver string bikini
$39 -

Quiksilver string bikini
$39 -

Alberto Gozzi black thong sandals
$292 -

Jimmy Choo leather luggage
$2,157 -

A V Max bangle bracelet
$8 -

A V Max bangle bracelet
$8 -

A V Max bangle bracelet
$8 -

Wet Seal fedora hat
$11 -

Gucci sunglasses
£150 -

Mango buckle belt
£25 -

Wednesday Wants

Just a few ideas for my wedding next year sometime. I'm thinking October. No date set yet just gathering ideas. Already started a new fitness regime too. More on that tomorrow. Lots of magazines to look in for ideas.