Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dog in the bed

Here is my dog Sledge all warm in the microfibre blanket.

Fat to Fit - Hello motivation where have you gone?

I so need to find my motivation, I am sure its hiding somewhere. I wasn't as freaked out by my weight at 53.9kg this morning as I probably should be. I know its because of the lack of exercise and good food and wine over the Easter holidays. This time last year I was at 50-51kg, I need to up the anti and get there again. I might go back and try a few weeks on the points system to see if it is the ProPoints causing the problem. Looking back over my weight tracker I know I can keep going at that weight.

I am making a commitment to get off my butt and get moving! What are you doing?

I hear you! Grabbing the jogging shoes and heading off for a run!

Wednesday Wants

free form layer cuff

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Embarrassing appointment

On Wednesday I had an appointment I thought I'd never attend. I purchased a GrabOne coupon for a colonic. I was nervous and scared of what I was to experience.

The lady at the clinic was very nice and it made it easier to do something uncomfortable. Before the experience started a had a consultation on eating and toilet habits which followed by a Ginger Tea with goji berries on the side followed by two shots for movement and bacteria followed by a lemon drink to help lubricate.

I was showed the cubical and told where to put my clothes and was given a towel to wear instead. I then had a infa red sauna for 30 minutes where I sweated out tonnes of water. It was hot but yet relaxing.

Next I was taken back to the cubical where I was introduced to the colonic machine. I was told to lube the tube and insert it into my rectum when i laid down onto the bench. The lady came in and turned the warm water on. It felt weird and I was told to expel the water like I "was doing a poo". Classy! I let out a ripper fart and was so embarrassed until i was told that was quite normal. So the next bit was the watery thing. I did this a few more times, sometimes holding the water for a couple of seconds and then releasing it. After about 5 goes, some poo came out. You can see it in a viewing tube. I was told to count to 20 then expel the water. This went on for ages. Finally the lady came in and gave me some reflexology on my feet and legs. I finished off the session and felt heaps better now that sensation had stopped.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this treatment to anyone but I'm glad I have experienced something like this and survived.

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Polly Dolly - V2 - Glasses

All Saints vest top
$270 -

IRO racerback top
$110 -

Helmut Lang silk short
$169 -

Juicy Couture opaque stocking
$31 -

230 AUD -

Rebecca Minkoff summer handbag
$165 -

20 EUR -

01 The One square watch
$259 -

Star earring
$15 -

Cathy waterman ring
$5,370 -

Coach Twila Glasses
$80 -

Panama | Boots | Wittner Shoes
99 AUD were 230 AUD -

I saw these boots and I knew I had to have them. I bought them online, knowing I am approx a size 36, I tried them on and they fitted perfectly. I wore them for the first time yesterday. I got compliments from my hairdressers, shop assistants and the grocery boy at Woolworths.  I think they were totally worth the $99. At the moment I have square framed glasses in a brown colour and I think these are close to what I have now. For my next pair I might go bright! I was inspired from this outfit by the Westfield ad with GOK. I actually have most of the clothes to make this outfit work.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Polly Dolly - V2 - Bride

Polly Dolly - V2 - Bride
Polly Dolly - V2 - Bride by adalita featuring satin handbags

 I want something simple elegant but with a little bling (rock and roll) for me. I love this dress I think it would suit my bodyshape perfectly. I am so looking forward to getting married (Hopefully in the next two years).

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sportsgirl win a winter wardrobe

Sportsgirl are holding a competition to win a $500 wardrobe. All you need to do is show them your best DIY project and you could be published on their blog!
The cold weather is officially here and there’s no better time to head indoors and get creative: so Sportsgirl are asking you to write your very own blog post, showing Sportsgirls how to whip up your favourite DIY project. From customised clothing, to studded accessories, to tea cosies: it’s up to you what you feature!

Here are a few pointers to help you out along the way:
• Steps should be clear and easy to follow (even for crafty novices)
• Images are recommended: they could be photos or illustrations, but should be 634px across
• You can choose any kind of DIY project – it doesn’t necessarily need to be fashion related
• The post should be no more than around 300 words and 5 images maximum

Once you've finished your DIY tutorial - post it up on Sportsgirl forums or Facebook page to enter!

See T&Cs for full prize details and info, and hop to it, the competition closes at 10am AEST 9 MAY 2011

Get creative and enter now!

Polly Dolly - V2 - Trench

I couldn't decide which trench I wanted to use (I know they look the same but are different brands); so I decided to make two Polly Dollies this week. 

The RED Trench is beautiful and bright and I though it'd pair perfectly with a 1950's style dress. I love wearing boots with dresses and these were to DIE for!

For the GREEN Trench I chose to do a more casual style pairing it with jeans, a cute blouse and lace up boots. The bold colour of the handbag sets off against the green of the coat. I didn't want to go with the neutral trench as I wanted to make a statement. Now if only I can find this trench in Australia.