Sunday, 11 April 2010

Never Say Never

This blog entry is inspired by the article Never say never @ Weight watchers.

So here goes:
I NEVER thought I would eat vegetable and actually enjoy them.
I NEVER thought I could run 5km.
I NEVER thought I'd get back to my ideal weight.
I NEVER thought I'd fit into size 8 clothes again.
I NEVER thought I'd feel confident and happy like me again.
I NEVER thought I'd love exercise.

To date, I've lost since 2008 23.8kg. This equates to a Makita compound saw!

I would like to thank the new followers I've gotten in the last week, thanks for the nice comments and the follow. 
Thank you to everyone who has commented - I read them all (sometimes more than once)


  1. Hello there you! I'm so pleased your package arrived! I hope you love some of my favourite things as much as I do.

    As usual, I love reading your blog. It's back to work for me tomorrow *sigh* When do you guys go back? What's your hot tip for a great, quick, work lunch?


  2. I'm back at work today (Monday) too. Not looking forward to it. I had a nightmare about it actually. I have one awful class of year 11's for English Communication (English for Dummies)and these guys are just absolute drop kicks. I suppose that's what happens when you teach in a low socio-economic area. I have 1/2 day today for Professional Development starting at 8am. I should be home after 1pm. A nice short day.

    I make wraps out of Woolworths low carb tortillas, 1 slice of cheese, capsicum, lettuce, red onion and whatever meat I have on hand. I need something I can take around with me on yard duty most days. I just wrap it in Gladwrap in the morning and pop it in a sandwich bag. I like things that are easy.

    I love the Larabars. I only ate 1/2 of the cinnamon roll one as I didn't have enough WW points for the whole thing. But I'm sure everything will come in handy. Thanks again.


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita