Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Long weekend

This weekend has been pretty eventful, until today.

Well Thursday 1st April is Greg's Nana's 81st Birthday, so we had a seafood lunch for her on Friday as the rest of the family attended a wedding on Thursday. 
The food was awesome and we all ate way too much we all skipped dinner.

Greg's father and his newest dog Echo (nicknamed terror as she is never still and gets into everything.) Yes, their backyard is a construction site due to Greg building their deck through his boss.

My brother in law Dreamy trying to pull out a grass clod; you should know he is Canadian. He spent at least 10 minutes trying to pull it out muttering about if this was Canadian grass...

Greg, his uncle Phil and I went for a ride at Daisy hill early in the morning, we found a great little trail which I hope we will ride more often. Did 3 laps which was just over 12km. Not my best riding I did a few silly things but still had fun! An impromptu fire and nibblies in our backyard. Greg decided to light the paint tin filled with citronella, we then sang 'flame trees' to his mum when she arrived.  I only had one drink of the night BRAVO to me! but way too much food.


Up early for a swim at the beach, I opted to go for a run from Burleigh from one Headland to the other. Approx 4km run. A huge breakfast at home which consisted of many hot X buns. The boys went to golf and the girls and dogs chilled out to two movies: Time Travellers Wife (freakishly weird and creepy not the romantic it was supposed to be) and Coco Chanel (the story of Coco Chanel; a bit slow to start was more about her life than the fashion which was disappointing) 
Greg was home late from Golf and we didn't get to my parents until nearly 7pm. A nice BBQ dinner with lots of salad and a decent cut of steak this time. I skipped apple crumble as I was already over my points for the day. 


Slept in today, got up and watched a couple of movies on pay TV, ate breakfast and hung out the washing; nothing too great today. Greg has his mate Nick over who annoys me somewhat, so I'm currently looking at design blogs, and my usual Sims 3 things. (I know but I'm addicted to the little beings). I also write for an online magazine and newsletter with the sims.  I know geeky but that's me all over. NERD!

I might get more of my novel read I'm onto the 2nd book of the series now.
Have a good weekend.

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