Saturday, 24 April 2010

Giveaway and Made it store opening

Morning all. I am giving away a set of little birdy bobbypins, hairbands and brooch in a cute little container. These products are all handmade by us, using quality materials. This is to celebrate the fact that my friend Jill and I have opened a Made it shop. So check out Skinny Minne & Fatty Finn Designs, more items are being added regularly.

To snag this little giveaway all you have to do is be a follower of my blog (if you aren't one become one), answer the question below in the comment section, making sure your email is available on your blog. If you aren't with blogger include your email with your answer. This giveaway will close on Wednesday 28th  April 2010 at 3pm.

What is your favourite way to spend a long weekend? 


  1. Cute!

    My favourite way to spend a long weekend is to sleep in, then stroll along the shops and cafes around here til I find somewhere nice to go and have a coffee and breakfast... then more strolling!

    As a teacher, however, long weekends seem to often coincide with report writing or assessment time!!! BLAH!


  2. I love to wash the sheets. I love seeing them on the line drying in the sun. While we wait we play with our dogs and our son swings high up in the air and the laughter fills my husband and I with happiness.

  3. How fun Adalita!

    Long weekends drill down to one thing in my mind: escaping!

    Whether that's escaping from home with my love for a mini getaway; escaping from work for three days; or staying at home but escaping from reality with a day of fun arts and crafts, music turned up loud and phone turned off.

    Sometimes it's fun to let the world spin by without my input - long weekends offer the best chance to escape it all!

    (great work on the shop!!!)

  4. awesome. i am already a follower of your blog. i have never entered a giveaway before because i always feel bad joining as a follower just for a shot at free stuff.

    so, my fave way to spend a long weekend is absolutely with the boy. generally that's enough to keep me happy but it would help if it also included: lazy mornings, beautiful food, perfect coffee, lots of kissing, light red wine...all those glorious things.


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita