Sunday, 28 February 2010

Surreal Sunday

I woke up this morning to a Tsunami Warning for the Gold Coast, so we did the silly thing and went to the beach to check it out. Nothing eventuated but at least I got out and used my wiz bang camera.


I also went grocery shopping and stocked up on some beautiful vegies for the week. 
In the Sunday Mail was the Pillow Talk catalogue which had some inspiring items. I really like these earthy tones. I hope soon we will start renovating so I can decorate our home 
I also bought it so I can enter the $10000 bill buster competition.  



Friday, 26 February 2010

Weight gain doesn't explain

I am not sure what the deal is this week? 

(from my Weight watchers Plan Manager)

This coming week I am on portion control. Weighing everything, drinking tonnes of water and exercising everyday. Hopefully this will alleviate any problems with weight gain this week. If I don't loose next week I may adjust my goal up by 2kg as suggested by my leader.


I bought the new motion sensor pedometer to replace my old one; its a bit sad looking and a spring has broken through the plastic clip and stabs me constantly. I got mine form the WW online shop, you can't get them in meetings yet it took about 7 days to get to me.

Friday, 19 February 2010

5kg Gone!




Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Saturday 13th February 2010: Nurses, doctors and patients

My friend Tennielle had her 30th Birthday Party on Saturday Night (she turned 30 on Valentines Day) it was a fancy dress party Doctors, Nurses and Patients.

Me as Nurse Ophelia Payne and my partner Greg, he made that cast out of a rubber dishwashing glove, bandages, a stubby cooler and cornice cement.

My father in law Russ and all the Nurses. Tennielle is in the middle and ky sister in law Kirsty (Koo) is next to her.

I wish you could have seen the size of the stripper heels I was wearing. 

I love these photos!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Massive Motivation

This week for me is all about motivation. 

I found this great quote about motivation:  
" Motivation is like the fuel that powers automobiles. An automobile is just a piece of scrap without fuel. Fill it with the correct quantity of fuel, top it up with the right quality of engine oil and you have it working at maximum efficiency. A man that lacks motivation is dry, without the energy to challenge anything. Just like a car cannot move by itself to the filling station, every man needs someone to motivate him. With a good dose of daily motivation, any man is on the right path to unleash the strength within him. Motivate yourself for success." by Tony Ewa -Nigeria 2009

Last Thursday at my meeting I lost 5kg, but it wasn't acknowledged as the lady had added it up incorrectly. She put 4.4 instead of 5.4. I hope I get to my 10% (51.7kg) this week.This morning I weighed 51.7kg so I'm hoping to get close to that for Weigh In on Thursday.


I got these motivational bookmarks in my Notebook magazine. They are made by kikki.k. It included a $10 off voucher. So I went to my local kikki.k store and bought some pens and a gratitude notebook to help inspire and motivate me.  




I have been getting shin splints when running so I went to the Athletes Foot Store and got fitted for some new running shoes.  I am looking forward to wearing them on Monday to the gym.

I also bought some new bras and underwear too. 

Last night one of my friends Tennielle had her 30th party. It was a fancy Dress Party Doctors and Nurses (or Patients) I went as a nurse (Nurse Ophelia Payne) and my partner made a cast with a beer cooler in it it was so funny! I felt good even though I was wearing a sexy outfit that's supposed to be only for the bedroom ;) I felt really confident and loved all the compliments. Tennielle the birthday girl looked awesome. I'll post pics later. 

This week I got a few magazines that I subscribe to so later I'm going to chill and read a few of them. 


I found this magazine at Coles - its got some good stuff- even advocates Weight Watchers with and article by Heidi Swartz. Some great information too.

Keep positive and motivated!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Feather Weight

I have had a great week. This morning I was 52.1kg on my scales. Let's hope I can keep it low for my weigh in this afternoon.

I have passed Week 30 on Weight Watchers last week. This week I hope to be in the middle 52kg area. I finish the book in 2 weeks time, I hope to be at my 10% (51.7kg) by then.