Sunday, 18 April 2010

Coffee Talk – Getting Older & Staying Hot (plus my 2 cents)

Last night I was looking for some fitness videos on itunes and I came across Zuzana who does fitness videos on her website They are also on you tube There are tonnes of them and they are easy to follow and she takes her time on doing the reps getting breathing right too. I put my iphone on the TV stand and rolled out my mat and started. I have done 3 videos so far. I started with the beginners workout.

I might even go for a run this afternoon. Have a skinny day!

This week is countdown to my Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership, which I attain on Thursday afternoon/evening. I don't have much money and am madly saving, I am still thinking how do I reward myself or is this just reward enough?

I found myself going ah yes, so true. I think Zuzana has a great personality which makes you want to workout with her. I totally agree with the quote from Red in Shawshank Redemption (which is my favourite movie too) “You are either busy living or you are busy dying.”

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