Friday, 11 June 2010

When weightloss goes too far

I recently picked up an issue of New Weekly (June 14 2010) I have no idea what inspired me to buy this magazine it was an utter waste of money. On the cover it had three beautiful bikini clad women and TARA REID looking like a starved African kid. Why promote such disgustingly awful images of her? She is the only woman out of 21 published in the spread to look hideous. Why not replace her with another good looking woman that does not promote negative body image to women. All the other 21 women displayed look confident and happy with themselves even bikini clad.  There is something very unhealthy with Tara Reid. No wonder why children are making themselves sick to look like size zero celebs. We should promote a better body image to young women. 

I'd happily look like any of the other 21 women than look like TARA REID!

What are your thoughts?


  1. That's really sad. The poor girl obviously needs medical help.

  2. Such a shame. She used to have such a lovely curvy figure.

  3. Neverceases to blow my mind how the super fortunate mistreat themselves in such a deadly maner.


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