Thursday, 10 June 2010

Polly Dolly - Tropical Dreaming

This week's Polly Dolly is about getting away from the cold and going for a holiday somewhere tropical. I couldn't really care where I went, I just want to go somewhere tropical. I might have to wait until my honeymoon to do that. My partner doesn't want to do that until then.

Polly Dolly - Tropicial Holiday
There are so many things to take, but a few essentials like my Canon 1000D and  a waterproof camera. A kaftan and copious amounts of sunblock so I can sit on the beach sipping cocktails without frying. When travelling to the beach there is two essential outfits: day wear (my jean shorts and singlet or bikini and kaftan); A night outfit a summery dress with cute wedges.

Oh how I want a tropical holiday my sister in-law went on one 3 weeks ago. 
I am so jealous I tell you.

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