Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fat to fit - Where has the week gone?

Is it seriously Thursday already?
Where has this week gone. I suppose I've been so busy at work it has just flown by. 

I've been a naughty Weight Watcher of late. I haven't tracked all week. I've eaten things I shouldn't, my portions have grown in the past 2 weeks. I need to get back in and plan my weeks again.

I have all the best intentions in the world but this week I have seriously felt exhausted, knackered, lethargic (and any other word that means tired).  I know this week has been shortened due to the Public Holiday for Queens Birthday (wasn't that earlier in the year?), but I've been nagged by students at all times of the day..."Miss M, how do I do this?" My answer is the same: "It's a competency! Read the instructions - it tells you what to do and you need to figure out how to do it. I can't do it for you!"  It is mentally draining, I think I'd rather have classes then exam block.

So instead of being the good little Weight Watcher like I have been for 11 months now, tonight I am having a couple of wines and enjoying my food. 

One week until school holiday bliss. I can go hard at exercising and getting my routine back. 

Pedometer readings for the week of 11th June - 17th June

9118 steps
5098 steps
8366 steps
6705 steps
9612 steps
8251 steps

Waist: 68cm (at smallest part) (down 1cm from last week)
Hips: 81cm (on hip bone) (up 1cm from last week)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 25cm Left 24.5cm (0.5cm difference between left and right) 
Thighs: Right 51cm Left 50cm

So Saturday morning I am getting out my recipes and planning my meals and exercise for the week. I'm not letting this slackness go on for any longer. I know what I need to do; so just get and do it!


  1. Oh goodness goddess, are you in my pocket? Your week sounds spookily like mine.........

  2. Good luck for Saturday's planning xxxxxx

    LOL my blog is called fatty boom batty to skinnie minnie :)



  3. You're looking amazing, Adalita.

    I run a martial arts class and I've noticed that even exercising twice a week can reap significant benefits. But the workout has got to be pretty hard hitting ... and needs to stress you aerobically. We do lots of plyometrics plus other calisthenics. Some light supplementary workouts outside the session go a long way.

    I hate calorie counting too - it just leaves me a little flat, hey?



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