Monday, 28 June 2010

Bannockburn Dinner

 Saturday 26th June

The Ives First Annual Bannock Burn Dinner

My partner's Family (well the boys usually go to Bannock Burn Dinner hosted by The Society of St Andrews), this year we saved the money and had a night on my parents in law deck.

 The scarves made by Christina: Red for the boys and Blue for the girls.

The banners placed all around the deck

The beautifully table settings and the awesome view from the deck.


Candles and the menu

There was singing of traditional and some not so traditional songs (we even had a song book)
and The Ode the Haggis recited off by heart by Russell

 Sooty and Julianne

Christina and Kirsty

Greg and Kirsty

Greg and I

Kirsty and Craig (Dreamy)

Doug (uncle Dougie) and Jane

Julianne and I

Sooty the Garden gnome (aka Morag: Mother Mary)

Sooty and Doug being very merry!

Craig doing the mandatory Traditional Scottish Dance

Kirsty and Sooty drinking up the red wine

Beef Argyle cooking on the bbq

The main course (I forgot to take pics of the other food)

There was romantic dancing


Peter Garrett dancing

Even the dogs got in on the festivities:
 Sledge (my dog)

Banjo (Kirsty and Craig's Dog)

Phantom aka Tom or Tomas (Christina and Russell's dog)

Echo aka Eccy (Christina and Russell's dog)

A great night had by all. 
Thank you Russell and Christina for being great hosts!

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  1. Now that looks like a good time. My great grandparents came to the USA from Scotland in 1902 and kept close to their roots their entire lives.


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