Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fat to fit - Maintenance Motivation

I'm having trouble staying motivated with maintenance, I know what I need to do it the doing i'm struggling with. I am still eating well and doing my steps on my pedometer, I need to find that inner motivation and get running, riding and doing some significant cardio.
I love doing all these so why have I got the winter blues?

In winter I need that extra motivation - that push. Every year of recent I've had a gym membership and personal trainer to get me through the non-motivating winter blues.   

One more day after today until school holiday bliss. I can go hard at exercising and getting my routine back. This weekend is packed full of fun things. We are having n annual Bannock Burn Dinner with our family this year instead of the boys paying to go to the official dinner we are saving our money and my mother-in-law is cooking up a storm of Scottish foods. Sunday we are off to the races at Murwillumbah Greg's working at a funeral home and they are sponsoring a race and we get to go for free. Free food and drink could be a downfall for me. Then dinner out for my sister-in-laws partner Dreamy is having his 32nd birthday. I will need Monday to recover from all the good food and drink.

So, I must start my exercise on Monday!  NO EXCUSES!

Pedometer readings for the week of 18th June - 24th June

6697 steps
1600 steps
7286 steps
7919 steps
7618 steps
10770 steps

Waist: 71cm (at smallest part) (up 3cm from last week)
Hips: 82cm (on hip bone) (up 1cm from last week)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 25cm Left 24.5cm (0.5cm difference between left and right) 
Thighs: Right 51cm Left 50cm
Weight: 51.5kg (5:30pm yesterday afternoon 50.6kg this morning 6am) 50.6kg 5:00pm.

My aim for next week is to exercise! 


  1. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead, good luck with starting your exercise on Monday! I know what you mean about the winter blues, thankfully summer is here in Canada right now, but I am moving back to the UK in september and dreading the horrible weather :o(

  2. Maintenance is hard. You have come so far. Always remind yourself of that. You are an inspiration to lots of people x

  3. Wow, you've already accomplished so much! Someone once told me to keep in mind my largest pair of pants ever . . . visualize them and ask yourself what you're willing to do to NOT ever fit in them again. ;)

  4. School holidays are coming....start by maybe reading some motivtional books? Always helps me...

    Thanks for linking up...

  5. I hear maintenance is just as dificult as losing the weight in the first place so here's a big *hug* for you...

    Good luck with the exercise! We have Summer here in the UK now... and we're actually getting sun for once!



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