Thursday, 13 May 2010

Weight Watching...

I am joining Diminishing Lucy on her fat to fit blog hop.

This week I have been so slack with exercise; I am sitting here typing away at the PC when I should be doing a workout. I also have forgotten to put on my pedometer (runs to grab it). This morning I was 50.0kg on the scales. I wish I took a photo but I've finished breakfast and am now all dressed. 

It's not as if I can't do any exercise its the motivation. I have all the best intentions to do some, but then my partner is hogging the living room and I retreat to the comforting glow of the PC Monitor.

I am on maintenance with Weight Watchers and have recently become a lifetime member. You think this would be motivation enough. I KNOW what to do - I know how much exercise I need to do, all I manage is around 12000 steps a day. I know I just need to do it but that feels so hard to do. I am doing everything else Weight Watchers wise, I need a big dose of SELF Motivation. Maybe they make a pill for this?

I am waiting for my GYMBOSS interval timer to arrive from Melbourne. This will make it easier to do Zuzanna's workouts at as most require a interval timer.

I also want the AV cable for my iPhone so I can watch it on my TV to do my workouts; but its $69 which I can't afford at this time.

Today's Weight Watcher's Meeting is about: Surrounding yourself with the right support network and up your weight loss success. I think this topic will be interesting. There is more information on the Weight Watchers website on this topic.

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