Thursday, 13 May 2010

Totally Clueless

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I love it how people don't tell me things. My in-laws are out to dinner tonight and off to a Japanese Restaurant for Russell's Birthday which is on the 17th. I was all ready to go to my Weight Watcher's meeting (and looking forward to it) and now I can't go. I will no doubt go over my points as Japanese is way more than 9 points (what I have left today) plus wine. I wouldn't have had the slice of pizza for lunch if I knew. My partner knew, apparently he thought I knew. So as usual I am last to know things.

 We are off to Donto Sapporo in Broadbeach which is a cute little Japanese Restaurant which we love. I will be using my Entertainment Card. So I'm showering and doing make up in 10 minutes.

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  1. I totally feel your pain. The other night we had dinner with my MIL and extended family. We were going to buy the pizzas and I was going to get subway or a salad instead, but then MIL came WITH the pizzas!! SO guess what I had ended up having to eat!

    Annoying. :-(
    I ended up like 16 points over that day! Yikes!


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