Saturday, 22 May 2010

A week of going NUDE

This last week I went Nude! Yes nude, that is without make up. For seven days I have only worn moisturiser, suncream and a clear lipgloss. This was to carry on after joining in with Jodie @mummy mayhem in Bloggers without makeup day. There was so many lovely comments on my blog after that day. This week I received many comments, some of which were positive and a few "oh you look a bit tired/ stressed". My skin feels better this week, but I still like the comfort and way I look with makeup. I might wear a little less day to day but I won't stop wearing it completely.

Here is my seven days of no makeup and lipglosses.

Friday 14th May

Nivea Caregloss & shine red

Saturday 15th May

Soft lips fruit fusion orange sunrise

Sunday 16th May

Mirenesse velvet lip in platinum

Monday 17th May

Mario de Liugi lip too non-transfer lipgloss in clear

Tuesday 18th May

Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer in clear

Wednesday 19th May

Palmer's Lip butter in Dark Chocolate and peppermint

Thursday 20th May


Friday 21st May

Estee Lauder Pure color gloss in clear

Saturday 22nd May

Nivea Caregloss in clear

After 7 days of not wearing make up I realised I do have dark circles under my eyes and that, that is the only thing that truly bothers me. Anyone know how to get rid of them or lessen their appearance without makeup or other unnecessary procedures.

Give the 7 day no makeup challenge a go!


  1. Hello. I'm new to your blog having come over from Lucy's Fat to Fit Blog Hop.

    I think you look great in your 'naked' photos. And I am extraordinarily impressed with your lip gloss stash!

    My son wants me to buy him Garnier Eye Roll-on enriched with caffeine
    to help with the dark circles under his eyes. Not sure if it works but he (age 11) wants to try it!

  2. I would wear make-up probably 5 times a year... school photos day being one of those days. Mascara and eyeshadow make me itch, and all the rest of it just makes my skin feel all cloggy (not to mention oily and disgusting by the end of the day). Maybe I should start a sister-movement - to wear makeup every day for a week!



Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita