Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Marvin May - Missing

Sunny Mummy has made the month of May, Marivn May. Now if you don't know what Marvin is then I suggest you go and read her post.

So this month was all about saying YES to Marvin advances. In my household we've been busy with work that Marvin has gone missing. This month a lot of things have gone missing, like my motivation and exercise, I think that these are linked. More exercise + more Marvin = happy lady. 

I know that it isn't something that we generally come out and talk about. I wanted to ask at my Weight Watchers Meeting; How many points for a good old shagging session? But it isn't necessarily something that I'm actually comfortable asking people.  (it's about 1 point according to the exercise chart of moderate activity for 30mins for my weight). Are you comfortable talking to people about Marvin? I do it in my job, but that don't make talking about my Marvin any easier.  My Marvin is great when it happens (about once a week).

Here is an article from Notebook Magazine /health page 73.

For many women, low libido is an everyday reality. According to Dr Rosie King, one of Australia's best known sex and relationship therapists, every woman will experience low sexual desire at some time in her life. In her latest book Where did my libido go? ($34.95), Dr King offers practical advice to get your sex drive back.

Tune out to turn on: To get turned on, you first need to forget about your daily life and focus your attention on sexy, erotic cues. If you can't tune out everyday life or are distracted by anxieties, you will find it impossible to become fully aroused.

Learn to fantasise: It's never to late to learn to fantasise. First you need to give yourself permission to be creative in whatever fantasy works for you. Also, they don't have to be spontaneous - many fantasies can be manufactured. You might want to invest in erotic novels or arthouse films.

Quality over quantity: If your desire is low, it's crucial to optimise the quality of the sex your having with your partner. The better the sex, the more likely you are to want it.

Seek help: If you have a low libido, see your GP for a check up to rule out medical conditions that might be reducing your sexual desire.

Make time: Allocate time for sex in your busy schedule and find or create a private, sexy space that will be conducive to good sex. 

Apparently there is even a Greek God to do with sexual desire. Himeros, who was one of the young Erotes (winged love-Gods) He is often depicted with his mother Aphrodite and his twin Eros. He is often seen to be depicted in paintings with both Eros an Pathos (love and Passion)When paired with Eros he was probably identified with Anteros (reciprocal love). Which is probably why love and sex go hand in hand.

According to an article at Cosmo magazine online that dress size can affect your sex life
"Negative body image is an instant mood killer for women and it doesn’t matter how slim, curvy or tone you are; it’s what’s going on inside your head that counts."
Well I've lost 20+kg and now I feel better but I think it is linked with motivation and exercise. 

So I've now found the reason why my libido has fallen, its the lack of exercise. I have gone from training 6 days a week at the gym to doing just what I do in a normal day, 10000 steps (or close to it) and not much else. So my post-it-note from this morning needs action.

Discovery Health states "Exercise can keep your heart healthy, your body slim and your psyche sound, and now comes the news that it can act as an aphrodisiac too ... 

These are the same neurochemicals responsible for a "runner's high" or the sense of exhilaration that comes from skiing down a mountain or after an intense aerobics class. It turns out these brain chemicals may also be linked to the release of hormones that power the sex drive. Research has shown that women who exercise regularly tend to have more active sex lives, are more easily aroused, and reach orgasm more quickly than those who don't work out.

Whatever your preference — from the treadmill to the dance floor — it seems clear that the more you move your body, the better your sex life can be.

So for those of us who are struggling to find time to exercise MAKE IT as your sex life and partner will love you for it. So let's get our groove on and get into Marvin May.

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