Sunday, 30 May 2010

Renovation Ramble

I am so pumped to renovate our house. We bought the house knowing we would renovate it has nearly been four years since we bought the house (1st August we moved in). My partner works in construction industry as a carpenter/ site foreman for a small company which builds multi-million dollar mansions. Of late they have renovated small homes into million dollar homes. My partner has good and expensive tastes. He is a perfectionist and pretty tidy (though our house says otherwise).

Here is our current house plans:

Here is our draft plans that my partner made:

One of Greg's workmates is doing our plans. We should hear about them at the end of this week or next week. Ahhh so excited!

Here is some of Dan's designs that have won awards in the Queensland Building Design  Awards from 2006-2009.

My partner has worked on all these houses; from frame to handover.  The finishing quality is perfect. The house in the bottom picture has the most beautiful timber flooring and pool area. It sold for 1.8 million.

The quality of my Partner's Boss' Company is phenomenal, I have been though almost all of the homes he has worked on and if that is any indication of the quality our home will be beautiful..

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  1. firstly, yum!

    secondly, i got my giveaway prize in the mail yesterday and i love!! thank you so much.

    i know, it took ages but it wasn't the posts fault. i'd was in between addresses when i won and gave you my mother in law's (to be *crosses fingers*) address and only just visited.

    thanks again


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