Monday, 1 March 2010

You usually find me at the gym...

but today I am unmotivated and feel quite flat. So thinking quite the opposite I am going to try to motivate myself.

Well 1 had 436 steps to go to get healthy today and I played with my pedometer yet again and now its back to 0. Bugger. I'm not really loving my new pedometer. Perhaps I should tomorrow wear both to see the difference. Why do I always have to try and change things that don't need it?

Today I got my Jeggins from Lorna Jane. I bought size small and they FIT!!!!! Yay. 
So, jeggins are like leggings but look like jeans; they are made from a stretchy legging like fabric. I bought mine from Lorna Jane for $79.00. 

Apparently they are the  hottest denim trend to hit the catwalks and shops this year and has been quite the "in" thing in the USA. This is totally understandable as they are so comfy.  They are very easy to wear and goes with anything in your closet, they come straight from the washing basket onto your body. According to Lorna Jane "guaranteed to fit even on FAT days!". Now who doesn't love an item with that slogan!

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