Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The things people say!

I know my starting weight is many peoples goal weight. I haven't let the "Oh, you don't need to loose weight", "Oh you're already so thin!", "Why do you have to loose weight? You're already so small!" comments stop me from getting to my goal. I tell therm you don't see me naked and I feel happy that I'm this way! 

I've always been a tiny person so it was hard to see myself as FAT/ Overweight. Growing up I was called Skinny Minnie, people always tried to give me more food but as I was born at 26 weeks at 680g, I never was a big eater. Part of it came that my Mum only gave me the basics 3 vege and meat for my dinner meal. I never really learnt to like vegetables. During Highschool I was the smallest and lightest at school around 45-50kg. When I began at Uni I put on a few kg and everyone said that it was good and I no longer looked anorexic. Once I moved in with my prtner I put on a staggering 20+kg. Until I realised I had ballooned to 74.4kg, I was disgusted as I was always so tiny. In 2008  I began Tony Ferguson. I wanted something where I'd have to learn to eat vegetables and it worked. I used to rely on meat and carbs as the main part of my diet until age 28. Scary hey! Who knows what damage it has done to my body. I know for sure when I have kids they will eat lots of vegies and learn to love them. I also have learnt to love exercise and I feel lethargic, grumpy and unhappy if I don't exercise. 

 At age 17 (I'm wearing kids size clothes)

At age 21

The three photos that triggered my weightloss

 So now I am at goal and begining maintanence and its about me not what people say. It's often hard to turn off that switch and make a response. I just say thanks, I'm happy now!

The last photo I had taken which is near goal.

I'm taking some me time tonight and sitting down with a few of my subscription magazines and chilling for an hour or so as were eating left over pasta! YUM!


  1. Awesome. Good on you for sticking to your guns. You look fantastic.

  2. GO ADALITA!! You rock!! Loved reading your story :) You're one of the greatest inspirations - well done on such a fine effort! xx

  3. Thanks girls. Love you both!


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita