Friday, 12 March 2010

Motivation madness

What is your motivation? What keeps you motivated? How do you get it back when it lost?

What motivates you?
  • Tracking
  • Exercising
  • Positive affirmations
  • Don't want to give up
  • Competition
  • To prove people wrong
  • Goals

How do I stay motivated?
  • exercise (6:20am 100 squats and sit-ups program on iphone) 7:30-8:00am My Workout Lifestyle You Channel, 9am-3pm I rely on my pedometer at work while I walk around the classroom and school, 3:30pm Gym C25k 5km run, stair climber 10 minutes, rowing 10 minutes, low intervals on the treadmill)
  •  track (I track everything, food, alcohol, sneaky snacks and weight loss / measurements)
  •  blog
  • other peoples success stories
  • weight watchers message board
  • feeling healthy
  • clothes that no longer fit or fit better or that I haven't worn since 1999.
  • read magazines (for ideas and inspiration)
  • think what it has taken me to get here (2008-2010) the money, personal training and pain.
  • Read The Gabriel Method and use the Visualisation CD. One relaxed you repeat one of the following Power phrases. Emotional Obesity: "Safe I am safe, Thin is safe, Life is safe, I feel safe." Mental Obesity: "Effortless weight loss, weight loss is easy, my body wants to be thin, excess weight melts off my body, I am naturally thin, I am effortlessly thin". You may think to yourself that it is silly at first, (I even burst out laughing when I heard the Cd at first) but it does work. A lot of our weight loss problems are in our subconscious and we need to change those thought patterns and automated actions. 
 My monthly magazine subscriptions- Weight Watchers, Notebook, Real Living, Women's Health and Home Beautiful.
One of my belts that now fits, I bought it thinking Oh yeah it would fit without trying it.

My 10% weight loss charm for my keyring which is on back order 
Vanessa said most WW Meetings have run out of the keyrings.

So for this week stay positive and keep motivated.

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