Thursday, 8 July 2010

fat to fit - Say NO to winter weight gain!

How do we prevent winter weight gain?

Ways to prevent a winter weight gain:
  • Water - Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Carry a water bottle (BPA free) 
  • keep up other liquids- soup, cordial, tea, coffee, diet/sugar free soft drinks.
  • Exercise- keep up your exercise, it maybe cold outside but you can still keep up the normal routine. Run on a treadmill, walk with friends (or pet), go for a bike ride, Zumba or group sports
  • Track- by tracking what food and drink we consume we are more likely to not have a weight gain. If it passes your lips write it down, any licks, sips and tastes too.
  • Portions- Weigh and measure all your food as it is easy for your meal sizes to increase over winter. It is a natural occurrence as body fat used to be what kept us warm.
  • Preparation- plan your meals and exercise for the week. That way you are more likely to stay committed. 

Here are some ideas that I am trying this week:
  • Change my meal choices (use different ingredients to make it healthier e.g. stock instead of butter and milk in mash)
  • Cut down on sugar (includes sweeteners and honey)
  • Eat more unprocessed foods (steel cut oats instead of Uncle Tobys Quick Oats or Weight Wise Oats)
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Exercise more - make a date with yourself
  • Plan meals for the week (saves time and money)
  • Cook a soup for lunch
How are you going to change and prevent a winter gain?

Pedometer readings for the week of 2nd July - 8th July

3450 steps
4715 steps
0 steps
20km MTB ride
(forgot to wear)
6124 steps
5749 steps
478 steps
(paused accidentally)


I've been on holidays and a bit slack this week... Again!
This week I cracked 20km on my Mountain Bike Ride at Daisy Hill Brisbane and did 2 workouts

Waist: 71cm (at smallest part) (same as last week)
Hips: 83cm (on hip bone) (up 1cm from last week)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 25cm Left 24cm (1cm difference between left and right) 
Thighs: Right 49.5cm Left 49cm
Weight: 51.0kg (51.7kg yesterday @ Official Weigh in)

What I acheived last week: 

  • Exercise 2 workouts
  • Track - need to do more tracking
  • Cut back portion sizes I even put food into the fridge when I had eaten enough
  • Back into routine I still need to do this back to work on Monday might help
  • Get out and ride 20+km on Sunday
  • Run need to do this
  • Walk the dog I might do this this afternoon if the weather holds off

My things to do this week
  • Exercise
  • Track
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Back into routine 
  • Get out and ride
  • Run
  • Walk the dog

What are you going to do?


  1. Oh Adalita!! I needed this advice TODAY! So thank you. I've put on close to 3 kilos already this winter :( I really need to get back into the swing of thigns - I'm going to try and join you this week - winter fat fighting at its best! Keep up the inspiration love!

  2. Good tips, I sure need some.
    I like how you have all of your stuff posted. Maybe I should try that. Good luck.
    I'm now following you.


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita