Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Changes - for the thinner

In 2008 I made a drastic change. A change for the better. One I will never regret. I chose to loose weight and totally change my habits and relationship with food. I now exercise, eat well and eat many foods I never would have touched with a 10 foot pole. I am no longer just living on 3 vegetables, meat, carbs and junk food. I eat a variety of foods including all types of vegetables and fish. I eat low fat, low carb, little sugar and salt, high GI foods.

I was at somewhere around 74.4kg or even above I have no idea but that is the number the scales read when I weighed myself then my luggage for my trip to Canada in December 2007.
I was shocked - I knew I had gained weight but the number had gone from 45kg in Year 12 (I'd had chicken pox and lost about 5kg before formal) to nearly 75kg. I knew I felt disgusting and looking back at photos I am disappointed I let it get so bad.

Here is the progression of my weightloss from 2008 until now. (and a couple of before photos too.)

Before Photos (my fat phase)

During Photos (I lost all my weight in 2008 and put close to 10kg back on, I have now lost it all again for good!)
My mum and I at my Sister in laws Hen's Day

After Photos
 New Years 2009-2010

 June 2010
 Bannock Burn Dinner 26th June

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  1. You look amazing, I wish I had your determination and will-power. Well done x


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