Monday, 5 July 2010

100 Steps Challenge

School Holiday Bliss

Daily Multivitamins 

I bought a few patterns cheap at my local fabric store. 

Earlier in the week my partners parents got a spa delivered. It had to be craned over the top of the house. (photos of that later as my camera battery is charging)

 My partner Greg in the warm water, it was still a little cold for me at this stage. After dinner it was warmer.

Here is a meal I tried earlier in the week: Continental Cook in a Bag Chicken (Smoky BBQ)

Yesterday I enjoyed a chilly ride at Daisy Hill in Brisbane's Southern Suburbs. It was 6 degrees when we began our 20+km ride. (the boys did some extra trails that I didn't do)
This morning I have been sewing again.

This time I did a refashion of a dress I bought earlier in the year from my local op shop. I loved the fabric and the top fitted quite well; the skirt part of the dress was not flattering. 

So I chopped it in 1/2 and made it into a top by cutting off the sash and reattaching it to the bottom to make a side tie. I am still undecided if I want to make the skirt into a flowy skirt with elastic on the skirt top. So Out of a $30 dress I have a cute top and maybe a skirt too. Bonus!

 A bit of pinning and sewing and viola...

This top will look so cute with jeans or brown pants. What do you think?
I got the idea for the dress refashion from New Dress a Day!

I hope you have had a great week.


  1. Wow, you've got all sorts of things happening at your house. Looks like you are enjoying the school holidays!

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  2. Keeping busy! That dress to top is awesome!

  3. What a great idea, dress to top. I think it will look great with jeans!


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita