Thursday, 1 July 2010

fat to fit - exercise = HOT Body

I accidentally edited over this post! Blonde! I posted a really good one last week (maybe I should back up my blog?) So this one is similar to the one I did.

 How to jump any exercise Hurdle this winter?

Exercise is the key element to losing weight!
  • Use a pedometer to count all your steps- incidental exercise adds up too. A pedometer tracks how many steps you take and how far you walk. Try and add an extra 10 minutes each week. You should aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. (I am at 8696steps for my weight an height) I use a weight Watchers motion sensor pedometer.
  • Join a gym- I have been a member of 3 gyms - two of which I had personal trainers to help me through winter. Now  I know exactly what exercise I have to do to maintain my weight. If you cant afford a gym there are many exercises you can do in your home or in a park that get the same results.
  • DVD- There are many exercise DVDs out there - rent them from the video store then consider purchasing. I use a website for my exercise routine (also @
  • How much exercise is enough- to benefit your health 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, moderate intensity includes: brisk walks, light jogging, cycling, exercise classes and swimming. For weight loss: 60 minutes of activity a day. To increase fitness 30-45 minutes of vigorous cardio activity 3-5 times a week as well as stretching - yoga or pilates and strength training as weights or resistance training.,
  • Find your inner child- Go play in the park, skip rope, dance around the living room
  • Preparation- put your gym gear in the car or lay it out so you can put it on in the morning. Studies have shown that if you have your workout clothes on or ready you are more likely to do the activity then not.
Create your own home gym and routine: 

  • A green grocery bag filled with weighted items -use it to do upright rows
  • Walking lunges down the hallway
  • chair- dips
  • cushion - wide leg squats over the pillow
  • litre bottles of water- bicep curls
  • steps- step ups (like using the stair climber a the gym)
  • exercises that use your own body weight (I use the ones in Zuzana's routine at
  • Push-Up – the width of your hand placements to get a different workouts. Alternatively, you can elevate your feet above your torso for more difficulty
  • Calf Raises – can be done on stair steps or an elevated surface; do them standing.
Set these exercises up as a circuit, I use my Gymboss timer for 30-60 seconds with a 10 second rest. 

Remember any activity is better than none! NO EXCUSES!

Pedometer readings for the week of 25th July - 1st July

8826 steps
105 steps
 (paused accidentally) 
4157 steps
3518 steps
4504 steps

I've been on holidays and a bit slack this week.

Waist: 71cm (at smallest part) (same as last week)
Hips: 83cm (on hip bone) (up 1cm from last week)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 25cm Left 24cm (1cm difference between left and right) 
Thighs: Right 49.5cm Left 49cm
Weight: 50.4kg (50.4kg this morning 6am)

My focus for this week:
  • Exercise
  • Track
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Back into routine 
  • Get out and ride
  • Run
  • Walk the dog

What is your focus?


  1. I do a home strength workout like this once or twice a week: but I have never looked at Bodyrock to have a look now!

  2. Love the piccies you have used! Thanks for the inspiration - will put tv exercising on my list this weekend xx

  3. Looks like you have a great action plan for the next week. Good ideas for working out.

  4. Great site! Im here from the Blog Hop! Hope to see you soon!


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