Thursday, 28 July 2011

Polly Dolly V2 Week 17 - Park Mum

£45 -
Skinny jeans
$130 -
Sports shoes
£20 -
Leather shoulder bag
£329 -
Travel tote
$25 -
Marc by Marc Jacobs gold hoop earrings
$58 -
Closed printed scarve
$55 -
Etro wool fedora
$260 -
TOD'S Blankets - Item 51115790
$1,250 -

Taking the kids to the park is a great day for any Mum; it can be hectic though so you need to be ready for what the morning or afternoon brings.  I think I have included everything a mum would want, a blanket, a footy, water, snacks, a good book, and some comfy shoes to run after the kids in.


  1. Loving your set. Love the colours. :)

  2. love the colours! looks great.


  3. You've certainly covered it all. Fabulous set.

  4. I really like how you have mixed the grey with orange, wouldn't of thought of that! And the snacks, you always need snacks at the game :)

    Talitha xx


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