Monday, 24 October 2011

10 things you don't want to know about me

I have been tagged by Jane @  Me & My Monkeys to join in on 10 things you don't want to know about me

1. I am a total computer nerd
2. I don't like cucumber or watermelon
3. I am only 155cm tall, most of my students I teach are taller than me
4. I have a shoe fetish, I have quite a shoe collection
5. I haven't been to a Weight Watcher's meeting since 31st of March due to renovations
6. I don't like swimming.
7. Upon waking I must turn on my PC.
8. I am scared of heights but love rock climbing and abseiling
9. I used to hate vegetables but now feel sick if I don't eat them. I was 28 before I started to eat more than 3 vege.
10. I don't garden, if I can keep it in a pot and it lives than that's good luck. 

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