Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Renovation update

This weekend I have done a lot of work on my house. Saturday I cleaned and ripped out half the kitchen. The frame for most of the sofits went up.

Sunday I helped my partner sheet the ceilings. We did the kitchen, lounge and family room. I put insulation up in the ceiling, glued the beams and placed gyprock blocks onto each sheet (so it won't crack). My arms were killing me. I feel like I have done 3 consecutive pump classes.

Monday (Labor Day) the rest of the house (minus a few sheets so the plumber can fit water in case we get a fridge with ice and water). It feels great to know that I have done a lot of work on the house, it is starting to feel like our home and not just a shell. Monday we did quite a few tricky bits without the assistance of the sheet lifter which consisted of me holding the majority of the weight of the sheet while Greg screwed the sheet in (I was on tippy toes for the majority as I am too short for the trestle) I figured out how to make it taller with 1 hour to go!

All up I did 1000s of step ups, squats, many many shoulder presses, hours of lifting sheets and 2 hours worth of sweeping.
A huge weekend.

Greg and our dog sledge working hard on Sunday.

Our master bedroom

My walk-in robe

The spare room (my robe behind)

The family room looking towards the entry for our master bedroom

Our master bedroom hallway and Greg's walk in robe

The new study ceiling

The lounge (the remaining ceiling sheets moved from the garage)

The new cavity slider to the garage

The kitchen 1/2 gone!

I can't believe we have done all the renovations ourselves but the roof, render and concrete.

Stay tuned for more!

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