Thursday, 19 May 2011

Drab to Fab - Diminishing Lucy's new meme - Week 3

Organising the office with Kikki-K

Last week I showed you the sketches of my study design. This morning I am measuring it all up.

What I have already bought
2 x cd boxes

card box

A4 lever arch files (I bought 2 but already have a number of them)

pen container

A4 half storage box
magazine holder

Items on my wishlist
clear pen container
hole punch

tape dispenser
magnetic bulldog clips


magnetic memo board
pencil and ruler necklace

file stand
manilla folders black
tax receipt book

{this post is not sponsored in any way by Kikki-K or its affiliates}

How are you getting organised?  
How are you changing your life from Drab to Fab?


  1. I adore all that stationary.

    I have several declutter projects before I can treat myself to new desk area is a horror...

  2. Ooh. It all looks so professional and SO organised. I would feel better just having bought the stuff!

  3. Makes me wish I lived in Australia. Lovely!! I love any kind or organizing.


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love Adalita