Sunday, 29 November 2009

100 Small Steps Challenge

The aim of this challenge is to take one photo each day of the week to represent the change we have made to our health. Here are the rules and more information: 100 Small Steps Challenge

I will begin tomorrow on my challenge, I should finish on Tuesday, 9 March 2010. I will post the following Monday as according to the rules.

This will be fun and get me to use more of my photography skills.

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  1. I'm guessing you found me through Linda's 100 Small Steps Challenge? Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting. I can't believe we have the same b'day! And that we're only a year apart! Happy Birthday to you too for Sunday :)

    You've done amazingly well on your weight loss journey. How tall are you? You're 54 kg now? I'm 159cm (5'3") and I'm setting the bar (initially) at 57kg but I just want to see how I feel/look then. I want a lean muscle on me and I want to be strong so it'll be about body fat composition for me, not just the number of the scales.

    Looking forward to following your journey over the 100 days. I started with you this Monday too. I was going to start last week but things were a bit crazy. All good.


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