Thursday, 26 November 2009

Teriffic Thursday

A busy day at work marking an teaching the two classes I have left. Our staffroom is being inundated by other faculties over the next week. So it is pretty hectic at work.

Strawberry and banana smoothie:Skim milk, banana, strawberry diet nestle no fat yoghurt, frozen raspberries. (2points)

Morning Tea:
nestle diet yoghurt strawberry

Salad: capsicum strips, red onion, lettuce, 1/2 avacado (4.5 points)

White wine x 2 (4.5points)

Lasange (3 points)

pasta and chicken (2.5 points)

salad (2.5 points)

Thu: 4 points 26850 steps 16.37km
Fri: 2 points 17286 steps 10.54km
Sat: 2 points 18705 steps 11.41km
Sun: 0 points 10057 steps 6.13km
Mon: 3.5 points 24443 steps 14.91km
Tue: 5 points 30990 steps 18.90km
Wed: 3.5 points 25218 steps 15.38km
Thu: 4 points 26850 steps 16.37km
Gym: Wednesday- Personal Training: Rowing 15 mins, Weights with squats, 10mins stair climber, 3km treadmill. 

Weight in am:  52.8kg

Weight in pm: 53.0 kg 

Weight at bedtime: 53.0kg
Weigh in @ WW meeting: 53.3kg

Daily points 21

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