Saturday, 7 November 2009

Weekend Warrior

Yay it is the weekend again, I am feeling good after the renewed lot of exercise I did yesterday. Running from one end of the school a few times had its benefits. Tomorrow I will be riding either at Daisy Hill or Gap Creek depending on weather. Probably 10-20km worth of riding to do.

Hopefully with all the exercise I am doing the weight will fall off (I am hoping anyway)
There are 4 more weeks until the finish of the Fenix Transformation challenge, I am motivated and powering on. I am enjoying doing exercise more now; which is great. I am also finding it easier to breathe and there is less wheezing and coughing now. I am finding running for 5 minutes a slight struggle but I am doing it!

Burgen wholemeal + seeds bread toasted x 2  (2.5 points)
honey (0.5 points)
Nestle Gold coffee (0.5 points)

Skim milk (0.5points)

Morning Tea:

Lunch: Old El Paso tortilla (2points)
Lettuce, Capsicum, red onion (0 Points)

Dinner: BBQ at my sisters
Chicken Kebab
Potato bake

Free Cruiser Berry

Weight in am:  53.8kg

Weight in pm:-- kg 

Weight at bedtime: 55kg

Daily points 21

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, vegie finger, mushrooms, tomato

Coffee (1 point)

Morning Tea:

Lunch: Sausage & onion with bread

Dinner: 1/2 Maries Pizza

Exercise: 13.89km mountain bike ride 120 minutes (12 points)

Pedometer: (3 points)
Weight in am:  54.0kg

Weight in pm: --kg 

Weight at bedtime: 55.7kg

Daily points 21

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