Monday, 9 November 2009

Manic Monday

After a busy weekend with a few dinners out at various places - I am getting back on track. I need to not drink this week. I have definitely gone over my quota. I think I didn't make the wisest choices this weekend. I had planned to eat better but my plans got weigh-laid.

Burgen wholemeal + seeds bread toasted x 2  (2.5 points)
honey (0.5 points)
Nestle Gold coffee (0.5 points)

Skim milk (0.5points)

Morning Tea:
apple (0.5 points)
banana (1 point)
nestle no fat diet yoghurt 100g strawberry (0.5 points)

Salad: Lettuce, capsicum strips, olives, ham (2 points)

Snack: Protien shake (1point) 250g skim milk (1.5points)


Pedometer: 23600 steps 14.39km (3points)
Gym: Personal Training - Cardio, strength & core + treadmill
Weight in am:  54.5kg

Weight in pm:54.7 kg 

Weight at bedtime: --kg

Daily points 21

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  1. Hi Adalita!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! You look like you are going great, well done! Not too far to go now, congrats!
    I love your aims, you have a great balanced approach, I'm sure you will get this weight off anf keep it off!
    I look forward to reading more of your progress!

    Rae :)


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love Adalita