Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pedometer POWER

I always forget to blog so I'm blogging now about my trusty WW Pedometer.
It is constantly attached to my hip. Where ever I go it is there...Well almost (not into the water at the beach). I normally do between 8 and 20km a day depending on what classes I teach or what else I am doing (like gym/run)

Week 21 (26th November - 2nd December 2009)
Day 1- Thursday 3.0 points 22046 steps 13.44km
Day 2- Friday 3.5 points 24545 steps 14.97km
Day 3- Saturday 4.0 points 26171 steps 15.96km
Day 4- Sunday 1.0 points 13869 steps 8.46km
Day 5- Monday 3.5 points 24068 steps 14.68km
Day 6- Tuesday 1.0 points 13719 steps 8.36km
Day 7- Wednesday 4.0 points 26519 steps 16.17km

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