Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fantastic Friday

Friday was such a busy day for me - time practically flew. At least we have worked out the imposition of the yearbook and it is ready for proofing. So that's one thing off my huge list. I swear I am looking so forward to school holidays.
I almost fell asleep before dinner.

Burgen wholemeal + seeds bread toasted x 2  (2.5 points)
honey (0.5 points)
Nestle Gold coffee (0.5 points)
Skim milk (0.5points)

Morning Tea:
apple (0.5 points)
banana (1 point)
nestle no fat diet yoghurt 100g strawberry (0.5 points)

Lunch: Olive salad (2.5 Points)

Kalamata Olives
Capsicum strips 


Dinner: Nachos (6 points)
Coke Zero 375ml (0 points)

Pedometer: 19271 steps 11.75km 2.5 points
Weight in am:  54.0kg

Weight in pm: 53.8 kg 

Weight at bedtime: --kg

Daily points 21

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