Thursday, 23 September 2010

Polly Dolly - Camping

Welcome to Polly Dolly Challenge - Week 25: 
This week's topic is what would your Dolly wear: Camping. 
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Polly Dolly - Camping

 I love camping I have my own swag, stuff setting up a tent; just roll it out, put in the pole/s and climb in. Up in less than a minute. We always take out gas burner to cook incase there is a fire ban or no firewood. Camping is fun, we hike or ride depending on where we go. We usually go a few times in a year. This year we have only been twice and that was at Mountain Bike Events. I want to go somewhere dog friendly, Sledge loves Camping. He snuggles up at the bottom of your swag.

What's your Dolly Wearing Camping?


  1. Aww love it. I grew up using a swag, they're the best but now I have Aidan I have so much more stuff lol. HUGE set :) love it.

  2. So much to pick from. When I went camping I took a little to much clothes.


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