Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fat to Fit - Home Workouts


I have been asked by a few people: What do I do to keep myself on track, fit and healthy?
Well that's easy, I dedicate at least 30 - 45 minutes a morning to do a workout. But if you are pressed for time a workout of more intensity for a shorter period can also be beneficial.

Most mornings I do a workout from Lifestyle You's My Workout

I also do workouts of an afternoon from

My home gym consists of:
  • Hand weights
  • Skipping rope
  • yoga mat
  • resistance band
  • Gymboss interval timer
  • toning ball
  • boxing gloves
  • Fit ball
Did you know that 3-5 days per week is what you need to workout for optimum fitness. 

Here are some ideas that I tried last week:
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables In pasta, risotto, salad, wraps, sandwiches, for breakfast on Sat /Sun
  • Cut down on sugar (includes sweeteners and honey) 1/2 amount of sweetener / honey
  • Eat more unprocessed foods  Burgen Bread for breakfast instead of Rolled Oats
  • Eat a variety of foods for lunchTurkish bread rolls with salad Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Leftovers
  • Up the exercise Renovation, ride and workouts.
  • Recover from DOMS from pushing barrows and barrows of bricks and downhilling
  • Plan meals for the week (saves time and money) DONE ALL WEEK

 Pedometer readings for the week of
10th - 17th September
No pedometer readings this week as my pedometer has gone kaput. WW are replacing it!

Waist: 69cm (at smallest part)
Hips: 81.5cm (on hip bone)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 24cm Left 25.5cm
Thighs: Right 47.5cm Left 47.5cm
Weight: 48.5kg Thursday AM
What I achieved last week: 
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps) I was counting this on my pedometer but mine has gone kaput! Currently sending it back to weight watchers.
  • Track exercise + food + vitamins + water Tracked daily
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Back into routine Started workouts again
  • Run (Still need to do this)
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Ride Sunday - MT JOYCE MTB invitational Free Flow Track 5km of trail x 3. Came 3rd in Womens!
  • Garden Daily watering of garden.
My things to do this week
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps)
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Continue routine - with exercise, food and workouts
  • Run
  • Walk the dog
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Garden 
  • Clean out house thoroughly so we can be ready for renovations. 
  • Make sure yard stays clean of renovation debris 
  • Make time for myself
  • enjoy school holidays
What are you going to do?


  1. Found you through the blog hop =) How inspirational that you met your goal! I can't wait to have pics up on my blog from when I meet my goal weight!

    <3 Katie

  2. I love the idea of posting a checklist... definitely seems like a good motivation tool!

    I'm going to work on my running (try to do 6km non-stop), eat more veg (in pastas, sandwiches etc) and cut down on sugar (DESPERATELY need to do this one!)

    Great post xx

  3. That's a fab routine you have happening there Adalita :)

    I'm a home fitness girl too so I've been getting out and walking with my kiddies in the pram or pounding away on the treadmill.

    I'm thinking of trying an exercise DVD but I might try the shows on Foxtel first, thanks for tips!

  4. I really think that by getting up earlier and fitting a workout in there, it could make the difference for me. Thanks for the tip.


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita