Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fat to Fit - M is for maintenance

M is for maintenance

A is for APPETITE (listen to your hunger signals this helps with your metabolism)
B is for BONES (eat lots of calcium rich foods)
D is for DAIRY (eat lots of dairy products as it will assist in not gaining osteoporosis)
E is for EXERCISE (do lots and get into a regular routine. The more you do the easier it is to keep it up )
F is for FAT AND OILS (a little of the right fats is key to any healthy diet)
G is for GI (Low Glycaemic Index Foods) ( Eats lots of Low GI foods Read labels to make sure not high in salt ,fat or sugar. )
I is for IMAGINATION (use your imagination when planning exercise or your meals. Visualise your ideal body form the start and you'll know what to expect when you get there.
J is for JOINING IN (take that step to join a club/gym, weight loss program or try something new)
K is for KERATIN (needed for strong hair and nails)
M is for  METABOLISM ( the great your energy expenditure the faster your metabolism runs)
N is for NUTRITION (Eat food in moderation from all of the food groups)
O is for ORGANISED (Be organised in your planning, shopping and tracking)
P is for PORTION CONTROL (measure and weigh everything)
Q is for QUIET TIME (make time to sit and contemplate)
R is for REST (Get your beauty rest as this is the time your body repairs and regenerates itself)
S is for SUPPORT (Have a great support network, family, friends, Weight Watchers Team)
T is for TOUGH (you need to be tough and NEVER give up on yourself; it is hard but rewarding to lose weight and keep it off)
U is for USE IT OR LOSE IT (This goes for your brain and your body)
V is for VARIETY (in diet and exercise)
W is for WIDTH (make sure your waist is under 80cmfor women and 94 for men)
X is for EXPECTATIONS (Have ideal expectations and ideas of your goal weight and what your body will look like)
Y is for Yield (keep track of exactly how much weight you have lost, I correlate it currently with my dog's weight 25kg.)
Z is for Zeal ( you need allot of willingness to lose weight and maintain it for life)

Here are some ideas that I tried last week:
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables In pasta, risotto, salad, wraps, sandwiches, for breakfast on Sat /Sun
  • Cut down on sugar (includes sweeteners and honey) 1/2 amount of sweetener / honey
  • Eat more unprocessed foods > Burgen Bread for breakfast instead of Rolled Oats
  • Eat a variety of foods for lunchTurkish bread rolls with salad Monday,
  • Up the exercise Renovation, ride and workouts.
  • Recover from DOMS from pushing barrows and barrows of bricks
  • Plan meals for the week (saves time and money) DONE ALL WEEK

 Pedometer readings for the week of 3rd September -  10th September

9863 steps
6.21 km
 7313 steps
4.60 km
 9057 steps
5.70 km
10km ride  
 6231 steps
3.92 km
Workout included
Paused accidentally
 6532 steps
4.11 km
Paused accidentally
0 steps
0 km
forgot to wear 
 -- steps
-- km

Waist: 69cm (at smallest part)
Hips: 81.5cm (on hip bone)
Bust: 87cm
Arms: Right 24cm Left 25.5cm
Thighs: Right 47.5cm Left 47.5cm
Weight: 47.6kg Thursday AM
What I achieved last week: 
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps)
  • Track exercise + food + vitamins + water Tracked daily
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Back into routine Started workouts again
  • Run (Still need to do this)
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Garden Daily watering of garden. 
My things to do this week
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps)
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Continue routine - with exercise, food and workouts
  • Get out and ride - On Sunday SE Queensland Mountain Bike Club Ride @ Whyarralong Dam
  • Run
  • Walk the dog
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Garden 
  • Clean out house thoroughly so we can be ready for renovations. 
  • Make sure yard stays clean of renovation debris
What are you going to do?


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