Wednesday, 8 June 2011

30 days photography challenge

Since 2008 I have not bitten my nails. Well to be honest I have bitten them but that's only once I have snagged them on something and ripped it off so that I won't make them worse. 

I used to bite them so much they would bleed. I know all the gross things that you get from under your nails. But that didn't deter me. So for 28 years of my life I had the habit of biting my nails. When I'm nervous or stressed I tend now to still put my nail in my mouth but I don't chew them anymore. I don't know how I broke the habit it was a combination of things, initially stop that (which tastes gross), sitting on my hands, painting my nails dark colours (it didn't stop me initially chewing as I chewed off the polish first). My sister bites her nails too hers are way worse than mine ever were. When I think of how nice my nails look I am glad I have stopped this bad habit!

 What's your bad habit? 

{all photos taken with my iPhone4}

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