Thursday, 9 June 2011

Polly Dolly V2 Week 10 High School

Bootcut jeans
259 EUR -

Strappy Singlet
$30 -

Michael Kors wedge heels
$940 -

Baby G ball watch
65 GBP -

White House Black Market silver earrings
$18 -

FOSSIL brown leather belt
$34 -

The funny thing is that I still attend High School, but to work. It is slightly different for me now clothing wise than it was back then. Now I tend to layer more probably using jeans and a black singlet as a base. At high School we had a uniform, a red skirt and white shirt for senior students. It was UGLY - as every teenager thinks about their school uniform.

17 Year Old Me with my 2 best friends from High School
16 year old me with my Junior High Best Friend

18 year old me in my room
(yes my parents let me put up the posters they cover ALL the walls!)
18 year old me

What is your dolly wearing?


  1. Those platforms are still pretty awesome. Discman and Silverchair.. pretty much my Senior years wrapped up right there.


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