Tuesday, 14 June 2011

30 day challenge and weekend photography

 instead of doing a photo of myself with 13 things yesterday I went 4wd-ing and took these instead.

Gyger Rd Track

start of the Head Rd

the clouds over the Head Gorge

Entering the Condamine River Head- It was hard to keep the camera steady - I don't have a stabiliser and it was very bumpy

one of the 14 crossings

the water was up to the sills

the bow wave from the river crossings pushed Greg's number plate up.

Me being scared in the cab after the boys were rocking the Ute.

this was the view from the other side.

Our mate Nick and his sister doing the steeper rocky decent.

We did 4 tracks including the Condamine River Head Road. It was a VERY long day we did 450km worth of driving ending up at O'Rileys after doing Duck Creek Rd at dusk.

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