Thursday, 16 June 2011

Drab to fab - Renovations

The tile choices
the wall tile and feature tile for our ensuite
main floor tile (taupe colour) and wet area tile (darker one)
the carpet

The cabinetry colour choices
the dresser to (if we can't get stone), laundry top, study desk top, ensuite vanity doors, All other cabinets and drawers and kitchen.

The walls are set and the doors are hung, we are ready for other trades now. All I have to do is paint - the whole interior. 
our old bedroom and front door
the kitchen ready for cabinetry
the 3rd bedroom, bathroom and our master bedroom door along with the TV nook.
The study door
our master bedroom door that I hung all by myself. It was very fiddly, packing the frame and screwing the hinges and shooting it off. The nail gun scares me still (one of our friends hit a knot and the nail went through his finger).


  1. Crivens, I am very impressed by your skills, I couldn't do anything like that. It all looks lovely, and must be really satisfying to use your own hands to make your home.

  2. what an exciting project you have on the go. love it.

  3. Wow it looks so good! You must be so excited! Found you at the Drab to Flab blog hop! Thought I was already following you but I guess not, so I am now!

  4. Wow! It's looking amazing! Love your tile choices and everything - I'm a big fan of neutrals for those things and then adding features that are more easily changed (my tastes change rather rapidly at times!).

    Ah yes, painting. We're still going with that - it's so hard to get motivated!

    Love it.


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