Thursday, 3 February 2011

 Welcome to Polly Dolly Challenge - Week 44 :  This week's topic is...Celebrity
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I chose Cameron Diaz as she has a comfortable and casual style which I love. Her outfits are purely effortless! I would love to gain more of her style. 
Polly Dolly - Celebrity

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Cameron Diaz - Californian cool - Australia
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Cameron Diaz - Californian cool - Australia
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  1. Ooh, love this outfit! I would wear it in a heartbeat!

  2. Ooooooo. Love Cameron and love that soft buttery looking jacket. Great set!

  3. Love that jacket!!

    nice to meet/follow your blog, pop over to bigwords if you ever get the chance x

  4. oh i could totally imagine you wearing all this! great set x

  5. Ah Cameron Diaz, love her work, and sure I'll goas far as to say I love her clothes. But nothing I could pull off, best I leave them for her to wear and me to, well, blog, yeah thats it I will keep on blogging :-)

    Have a Great weekend!


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